Strike me down

Something struck me the other day as Princess’ first Orientation Day for Primary School looms …… she’ll be heading off on an excursion of some sorts next year. My heart immediately started racing, I kid you not! Next year, I will be putting my utter faith and trust in someone other than a relative or close friend to take my child away from me on some sort of outing.

Hilarious!!  That as a teacher myself, I have never thought anything much of taking my students away on excursions and even on week long school camps. When doting Mum’s would give me a run down of things I needed to know, I would take it on board and tell them “Don’t worry! They’ll be fine”. They would grip their child’s hand tightly right until the minute they jumped on that bus. And now so it seems, the roles have reversed, I’ll be that nervous Mum waving anxiously as Princess waves excitedly to me on the bus.

And what makes it even more hilarious is the fact that I am sending Princess to the school where I work! Where I know all the teachers quite well and have great trust in their abilities.

So to all those beautiful parents out there, I’m saying it now, I finally, and totally get it! And to all those Teacher’s out there, you don’t know how amazing you really are! Just think of all those children who have been willingly sent off with you, those parents must trust you to no end.

Bel x


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