Living at no.2 and Masters giveaway

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A while ago I wrote about our beautiful home, no.2 and how I felt as though the walls were closing in. I felt like we were outgrowing our teeny thirteen square home, so I started jumping on realestateview and began looking for a more spacious homes that we could possibly call our own. I found one, I loved it, it was perfect, it was just around the corner, great floor plan and large yard and it was an awesome price…… but ya’ know, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, and now I am totally glad we stayed.

But why you may ask, didn’t you just say your family was outgrowing your house? In some ways I suppose that is still true, in the future I can’t really see the four of us (not to mention the kids friends popping over) sharing one bathroom and one toilet, but for now we make do. And why do we make do? Well, for many reasons really. The number one is, really, at this point our home is perfect for us, not too big not too small and we have a floor plan that currently works for us, and really for us, it is just our base. We have a perfect sized backyard for the kids, which with all of our hard work over the years has a great entertaining space and play area for all the children. We live in a beautifully quiet Court, which is huge for us, and was one of the main things that stopped us moving this time around. We are just a short drive or walk from all of our family and friends, plus a great set of shops. I can drive to work in less than five minutes, and for Hubby, who works mostly in the city and the other side, he is now only a thirty minute drive to work. Things just work here, everything really is a perfect fit for our wonderful family right now.


And after looking at the info-graphic on realestateview much of the information in regards to house purchasing and what people think of when looking to move, definitely rang true as to why we ended up staying where we did.  Apparently Melbournians can’t get enough of their city, and we definitely fit into that category. We would never move further out for two reasons, one being Hubby’s commute and the other, we love being just a short drive into the heart of the city to wander around and visit some of the great eateries. People also in Melbourne ranked floor plans, value for money and neighborhood safety as their highest priorities, all of which were important when I was looking to move and then subsequently deciding to stay.

So, now, for your chance to win a $50 Masters voucher you need to do the following:

1. Head over and like my Facebook page if you haven’t already.

2. Write a comment below telling me what would be the most important aspect if you were looking for a new home?

Winner will be chosen based on the most creative answer and will be announced on the Blog. Competition entries close on Friday the 29th Of November at Midday.

Best of luck!!

Bel x


9 thoughts on “Living at no.2 and Masters giveaway

  1. Michelle V says:

    As mum of three aged 9 and under
    “Me” time’s rare, is it any wonder?!
    Therefore, the most important thing in a new home would be
    An extra room known as “Mum’s sanctuary”
    Similar to the “man cave” but pretty you see
    And one all important rule: IT’S JUST FOR ME!!! 🙂

  2. Jacinta says:

    A new house is definitely on the cards when I return to work full time. First on my list is a backyard! One that can house a swing set, a cubby, veggie patch and even a sneaky pool if the block is big enough! After living in a three bedroom unit for the last 5+ years I’m not holding back on the next house!!

  3. Lynleigh says:

    I love our house, it’s only 3 years old and seemed so huge moving in to it from a two bedroom unit. But now, with one two year old, could be double the size (big houses come with cleaners right?). I actually would just love a sewing room, IOM currently trying to smoosh all my sewing stuff in with the computer in the study.

  4. Jayde Logan says:

    As we would love to be able to entertain our friends and be able to return the great nights we have shared with some special people the backyard entertainment area and a kids play area where the kids can run a muck

  5. melissa says:

    In coburg it was retaining some of the historical aspects Brent and his family had grown up with. When we have our next dream house up here it has to be an awesome indoor / outdoor entertaining area for our friends and family who come to visit stay eat and drink and our newer friends we are beginning to make here 🙂

  6. Samantha says:

    as it happens we are house hunting at the moment, with almost 4 teens we have just about outgrown our family home. Top of the list is storage, 4 kids accumulate lots of stuff! Also a sewing room would be lovely but I think I will have to wait for one of my chicks to leave the nest before that dream comes true. Like you Bel, we have always lived in a quiet street, so a nice cul de sac near park land is right up there as well!

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