Taking Stock – November

The beginning of a new month and a new season, so I thought I would sit back and take stock once again, thanks to Pip’s lovely list!

Making: that flippin’ quilt, still going! Pretty sure it wont be ready for my camping trip at Christmas but I’ll keep plodding away!

Cooking: nothing today! I may make myself a hot chocolate in a minute though, does that count?

Drinking: water, after a big couple of weeks I feel blergh!

Reading: the material from Blogging from the Heart.

Watching: Hostages, The Bachelor and Wonderland, anyone else hooked?

Looking: all over madeit and etsy for cute homemade Christmas gifts.

Playing: the radio this morning while I get on top of all things bloggy.

Wasting: nothing really.

Sewing: you know I don’t sew, but I need Mum to fix my cashmere cardi that has a nice hole and pull in it, the horror!!

Wishing: I would start to see some sort of physical results from going to gym.

Enjoying: day time naps with my two.

Waiting: to pick up Princess from Kinder and head off the shops (maybe eat a cupcake too).

Liking: that I seem to be on top of everything right at this moment in time.

Wondering: when the hell Melbourne will realise it is now Spring and not Winter!! What the hell?!

Loving: working through the Blogging from the Heart with Susannah and the others taking part.

Hoping: that my baby girl enjoys School Orientation next week, the hype has been huge!

Marvelling: at my kids, always and how amazing Hubby is (did someone say a week of sleepins while he got up, fed Ragamuffin and would take him for a long walk in the pram!?).

Needing: to light the fire, god it’s cold and miserable today!

Smelling: scented candles, man I have a thing for candles at the moment.

Wearing: jeanie pants, comfy as and actually make me feel like I could look in the mirror back at myself.

Following: a few close friends and their journeys at the moment.

Noticing: that as organised as I am, I really should tidy and resort my desk space.

Knowing: that Christmas is just around the corner sends me in to a frenzy of excitement, wrapping paper, present buying and party plans!

Thinking: about routines for next year when I return to teaching, and Princess heads to School.

Feeling: a little blergh, too much food, soft drink and alcohol while we were away camping.

Bookmarking: anything Christmas.

Opening: up my heart to friends, and family.

Giggling: a Ragamuffin this morning, putting his hands high in the air seeing Banana’s in Pjamas on the television.

Feeling: tired! Ragamuffin, four and five am is not an acceptable waking time for any of us!

Bel x


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