Just stop!

Seriously this week has been crazy busy, as it always is around this time of the year, so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!! Despite my thorough list making and hitting the shops early to complete my Santa duties, little things still keep cropping up. They seem to be adding up too and mix that to all the gatherings and birthday parties we have on, I feel a little flustered.

But there are times, usually when it’s either the four of us and we stop, we breathe and we enjoy the moment. And it’s nice, and the flustered feeling fades quickly and is replaced with this beautiful feeling of contentment, excitement and joy.

Last night, we were out a little late so when we arrived home we ventured out into the backyard. Ragamuffin loves the Christmas lights on the tree and this was the first time he has been up late enough to see the ones outside. We were out there for maybe ten minutes but what a great ten minutes it was.


And even though the photographs aren’t technically good, they are perfect to me. I mean, just look at his face, how darn excited is the little man!? You can almost hear him through the picture making “ooooo” sounds and shrieking in excitement.

So make sure during these last two weeks leading up to Christmas, you occasionally stop amongst all the craziness and just enjoy the little things, like looking at lights in your backyard, or stealing a few minute away with Hubby to have a drink outside while the kids are tucked in.

Bel x


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