Using the most of small spaces

Last year Hubby worked so hard to ‘extend’ our house in anticipation of Ramsey’s arrival. Our house is a teeny 13 squares, with three bedrooms, one of which we used as a playroom/study. Moving for us was never an option, we love the location of our home and the land that it sits on. So instead plans were made, materials bought and Hubby set to work.

Phoebe and I love our new space. Bright and airy, and everything nicely organized.

In this photograph, I’m standing where two glass doors open out into our yard, perfect for when Phoebe wants to go from one to the other, and easy for me to keep an eye on her when I’m working.

Within the room, there are distinct spaces. Phoebe’s desk, which she uses for craft and also eating her snacks and lunch. And a ‘living’ area, for her to sit and watch television.

The ‘home’ corner complete with kitchen, which Phoebe uses to play shops and home.

And then there is my space, which I love! Desk with loads of storage and enough room for me to work both at my computer or desk when needed.

We love escaping out here, here we can do our ‘own’ things but still be together. What is your favorite space in your home?

Bel x


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