The “lead up to Christmas Grinch”

Holy hell, I feel like my head is spinning, what a week!! And I know I’m not alone in the feeling, the two weeks before Christmas, no matter how much planning or organising you do always becomes crazy busy and overwhelming. I had lists people, lists, I had presents bought, wrapped and under the Christmas tree by the first, but yet still all these little things keep cropping up.

This week alone has knocked me for six….. our annual Christmas Party with friends, Cheerleading concert, Kinder concert, final Orientation Day at school, not to mention while my sister is working this week I have been looking after my nephew, and add in to the mix the two work meetings I attended this week to prepare for next year. We still have another Christmas party this weekend, along with birthday parties, end of Kinder party and preparation for Christmas day and the holidays. Not to mention Princess wants me to replicate last years North Pole party, (which is on Hubby’s birthday) especially the Reindeer Food Buffet (not to mention I’m trying to organise my own Christmas photobooth, glutton for punishment much!?).

And breathe!!


I manage to sweep the floorboards each day, but I can not tell you the last time I mopped, I’m not sure where it even is anymore. I just thank god Ragamuffin isn’t on the move still or else then I’d be in trouble. And lets not talk about the playroom shall we, lets just close that door and pretend it isn’t even there (and if you know me well, you know that that alone is flippin’ killin’ me!). Washing seems to get done only twice a week, although I would be on top of it if Melbourne’s Mother Nature would get her butt into gear and give me consistent weather that is somewhat Summer like. Oh yes, you’re not alone Mum’s out there, my house is a shambles and I’m struggling to get shit done, but you know what, I know it’ll all be worth it on Christmas Eve  when the kids are excitedly being tucked into bed.

And breathe….

Bel x



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