Project 52 – The Princess and my favorites

There are two more weeks left, two more portraits of my girl. I may not get to post the last two in time due to the whole Christmas and holiday thing, but they will still be done. I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back through them all and choose a couple of my favorites.

week2Week 2 – this photo was actually taken with my iphone. I just love the composition and the shadows in this picture.

week4Week 4 – She loved sitting with me and watching my pregnant belly move. This day I think she was singing to baby.

week11Week 11 – her brother arrived home from Hospital, and she was smitten. She would get excited when he would grasp her hand and not let go.

week17pWeek 17 – toasting marshies over the fire. Although this photo has a lot of ‘noise’ I love the way the fire lit up her entire face.

week23pWeek 23 – I remember looking at this photo in my view finder and realising I was now the Mum to a grown up little lady.

week44pWeek 44 – a bit of backlighting (my favorite) and all those freckles!

Really, it’s been a big year for Princess. Venturing off to four year old Kinder meant three days out of the house, but she loved every minute of it and has grown so much. She welcomed her baby brother home, which was an adjustment in itself, one that she handled beyond her years and made my life as a Mum a lot easier. Yes we had a few ‘moments’ but as a whole, the transition from her being our one and only was an easy one. She has learnt many things, not just at Kinder but at home, including riding her bike without training wheels. This girl has grown before my eyes, from baby to young lady, it’s bitter sweet really.

Bel x


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