Project 52 – The Ragamuffin and my favorites

week12Week 12 – this little man came into our lives, and his Sister always showed him love, a love he will never have to doubt.

week15Week 15 – The origami mobile I bought him is still one of my favorite things, the perspective of looking down on his cot with the blur of the mobile just makes it!

week23Week 23 – In this photograph, he is actually looking over to Princess who was sitting beside him, his eyes wouldn’t move away from her.

week26Week 26 – It took work and a long time, but once he knew how to sleep, it would happen almost anywhere and out life became a lot less stressful. In this photo he fell asleep in his bouncer outside while I was chatting with a friend.

week29Week 29 – this photo makes me melt, I can just hear him laughing and squealing with delight at his Dad.


Week 48 – and  then the baby was a baby no more.

I’ve spent the year savoring each moment as a mother to this little man, even the bad days. Watching him grow has been an amazing journey, but more so, has been watching the connection between him and his big Sister grow. The love that they show each other melts my heart daily, daily people!! The way he looks at her and the time she allows him, talking to him, playing with him, making him laugh and carrying him around, is definitely a sight and a memory to hold.

Bel x


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