Taking Stock, hello January!

The beginning of a new month and new year, and I’ve been absent from here lately so I thought I would sit back and take stock once again, thanks to Pip’s lovely list!

I’m sure you’ll see two very distinct themes running through this list!

Making: plans in my head for heading back to work in less than two weeks.

Cooking: absolutely nothing, it’s way too hot to cook in this heat wave we are currently having!!

Drinking: water and lots of it to stay hydrated with four consecutive days of 40+degrees Celsius.

Reading: data about my new students.

Watching: the weather app and hoping the temp starts ticking down really soon.

Looking: forward to a nice cool swim tonight and a productive weekend.

Playing: the outdoor game Finska, if you haven’t heard of it, get on it! So much fun and competitiveness!

Wasting: time away, isn’t that what holidays are for!?

Sewing: nothing, it’s just too hot to do anything.

Wishing: for the cool change to come quickly and the winds to die down as to not spread any fires.

Enjoying: the bliss of aircon and the amazingness of my children who seem to sleep much better in the heat. No seriously, both sleeping in until around 8am and then Ragamuffin having two two hour naps.

Waiting: for Hubby to get home so we can get this weekend started.

Liking: friends with pools very much 😉


Wondering: if going back to work will come naturally once again?

Loving: these last few weeks at home with my beautiful family.

Hoping: Ragamuffin will be ok without me when I head back to work, I’m sure he will after some initial adjustment.

Marvelling: at my daughter, how far she has come and what an amazing soul she is.

Needing: an alcoholic beverage, c’mon it’s Friday!

Smelling: a hint of sweat.

Wearing: undies and a singlet top, which I’ll soon swap for bathers and a loose dress.

Following: so many beautiful blogs these days.

Noticing: the dust build up after being away for so long.

Knowing: that everything will be ok.

Thinking: how lucky I really am.

Feeling: grateful that my home has cooling and even more grateful that our power has yet to be cut and that we are well away from any fires brewing.

Bookmarking: I think I’ll change this to ‘Pinning’ some great back to school activities.

Opening: windows, doors and curtains once the cool change comes.

Giggling: at my children and how they make each other laugh.

Feeling: hot and bothered!

Bel x


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