Project 52/2013 catch up

So here are the last few images from Project 52 last year. I’m so glad that I managed to complete the entire year, and I have some beautiful images to show for it. This year I really want to focus on not rushing the photos, taking the time to really document what is going on with my children, what they enjoy doing and their emotions. I want to get more creative with light and angels too. Hopefully I might finally invest in the new lens I want too and give that a go.


week51pWeek 51

Ragamuffin: the little man’s first Christmas! He didn’t get the whole unwrapping thing but boy did he understand presents!

Princess: Christmas morning and her new bike, she was so rapt!!


week52pWeek 52

Ragamuffin: figured out that although he loves the water, waves can be scary and sand isn’t meant for eating.

Princess: despite he pushing the boundaries big time while we were away, she still managed to melt my heart everyday too, especially with her infectious laugh.

I can’t wait to put together last years images into one photo book and being able to show them how quickly they grew that year. Are you joining in this year?

Bel x


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