Project 52, Welcome to 2014

So I’m already a big behind with posting my new images, but we’ve totally been enjoying our Summer break before school returns. So this week allow me to play catch up and show the first three images of this new year!




Week 1

Ragamuffin: still just fits in the kitchen sink in the caravan for bath time (we only did this one night when it was too cold and miserable to walk to the bathrooms).

Princess: poser! Can you believe she starts school soon!




Week 2:

Ragamuffin – I’ve given you strawberries many times, you’ve hated them. Someone else gives them to you and you decide you love them now. You love them so much you share them with your whole entire face.

Princess: a quiet moment in the van as the sun went down. I already think this is going to be one of my faves!




Week 3:

Ragamuffin: thank god for friends with pools during the heat wave this week! You always were upset when we had to get you out.

Princess: pool time antics.

Bel x



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