My blog might be dying

The last few weeks have been ah-mazing. Quality time spent with family and friends, the great outdoors, camping, relaxing, and watching our children make their own fun and grow in front of our very eyes. I visited here when I felt the need, and sometimes even when I felt the need, the words just didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, so I would turn the iPad off and do something in the real world instead.


My girl starts school this year, next week to be exact. I’m so excited for her and she is way more than ready, but at the same time, I feel as though I’m loosing her. Even though I have worked part-time while she was growing up, I’ve always had those two days of quality time with her, just the two of us. But that’s slowly slipping away, and so, I’ve chosen to really enjoy this time I have with her, making memories, laughing and hugging, going on bike rides and having fun.

So why might my blog be dying you may ask? Well apart from Princess starting school, I’m returning to school too, well work that is, which is actually her school too, how lucky is that!? I’m returning to teaching after having the year off with Ragmuffin and my girl. I’m really looking forward to it and all the challenges that lay ahead, and working with an amazing bunch of people and students who make it all worthwhile.

I’ll be working three days, which I have since I had Princess, but this time things will be much different for three main reasons. First of all, along with returning back to work, I have Princess and her schooling to worry about and slot into my routine. Secondly, I then have the Ragamuffin this time around to worry about too. And thirdly, this year I am back in the classroom, so exciting, but in turn it will mean the workload will be much different to what I have experienced previously working part-time. It will mean being really organized (more so that I already am), as well as bringing work home and maintaining good communication with my teaching partner

I want to be a present Mum, a great wife, an amazing teacher, and someone who still goes to the gym, and unfortunately if something has to give, I guess it will be blogging. I love what I do here and I will be trying to write and take photos, but if it gets a little quiet here, you’ll know why. Put me into whatever blog reader you have (I use Bloglovin which i’ve talked about before) so that if I go off the radar for a bit and come back you’ll see my posts. My main aim is to be a mum, wife and teacher first, and if I can fit it in I’ll blog. I want to continue with the 52 week portrait project that I completed last year, I hope I will find the time each week to post the images here. I wish sometimes I was a night owl so I could blog then, but I’m totally not, I need my ten plus hours! I know you’ll all understand.

This is definitely not goodbye, it’s just a “see you when I see you” 

Bel x


6 thoughts on “My blog might be dying

  1. Kristin says:

    It’s great to be able to identify the shift in priorities up front and that some things may fall by the way side. I would love to blog regularly, but as my family, my home and my day job are the top priorities, I’ve had to accept that the blog will just happen when it happens. Good luck!

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