Asking the right questions

I am now the mother of a school girl, yep, a school girl! I still can’t quite believe it, not sure exactly where the time has gone, but last week we walked her through the school gates for her very first day of Primary School. Tears were shed (ours not hers) as she went off and started her day. She had a wonderful time, made a couple of new friends, visited the Art room and even had PMP too. So many things to tell me when I picked her up, because I knew what questions to ask.

So many times I walk through the school yard and hear Mums, Dads and Grandparents ask “So what did you do at school today” only to get the response “nothing”. And we know they didn’t just stare at a wall all day, but really, the question it is quite a big one. If you really want to know how their day was, break the question down into smaller ones. Here are some of the questions I ask Princess when I pick her up, and I almost always get a detailed response from her.


What was the best thing you did today?

What story did you read today? I haven’t heard that one before, what’s it about?

Tell me one new thing you learnt today? (this one can sometimes be quite funny with the little ones, it might be something to do with the canteen, wow Mum did you know they sell icey poles!)

Did you make any new friends?

Where did you play at playtime and lunch?

Did you do any counting today?

Did you have Art/music/Library/PMP etc? What did you do there today?

You will find a simple questions like the ones above can give you a lot of insight into their day. For instance today I know that Princess was counting by twos in class, and that she read a book about mistakes. She played with a girl who she didn’t know from Kinder in the sandpit and that girl has a caravan down the beach like we do. She also had Prep games and the best part of her day was the egg and spoon race that she played.

Do you have any other questions you like to ask your kids when they finish school each night?

Bel x


5 thoughts on “Asking the right questions

  1. Bec Schuler says:

    With my little man now in high school (yes I know he’s not little anymore but just indulge me hehe) we have a best, worst and funniest thing that happened. I’ve always included worst even though it may not be to other mums liking. As I have found Mr T would share arguments between other students, perhaps an incident with a teacher and sometimes it would be topics of discrimination between other students. It has always been an opportunity to discuss real topics and the importance of acceptance of others. I also found over time that these three little questions are now valued aspects of his day and the formation of beautiful memories.

  2. Mel says:

    Hi Bel
    Glad to hear P has settled so well. We also do the best and worst thing. Who did you play with or meet today and what Miss A learnt normally follows on her own time. …sometimes the next day. We have also had the icy pole canteen hint 😉

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