Taking Stock – The February edition

A new month and lots of new things going on, taking stock once again, thanks to Pip’s lovely list!

Making: room beside me tonight in bed for my girl.

Making: does ordering in count tonight? Apart from that, cooking and freezing mixed veg for the little man.

Drinking: a Smirnoff black after my first full week back teaching.

Reading: our weekly planner (‘our’ being my teaching partner and I)

Watching: Eat, Pray, Love and wishing that we were heading to Bali this year.

Looking: forward to fitting going to the gym properly in my new routine.

Playing: phone tiggy! Don’t you hate it when you call and leave a message and then they call you back and can’t get a hold of you!?

Wasting: nothing.

Sewing: think I should just delete this one!

Wishing: For a massive sleep in tomorrow!!

Enjoying: how amazingly content I am feeling right at this moment!

Waiting: for the cool change to hit.

Liking: that I have deleted my Facebook account, no really, I am!


Wondering: if I’m doing a good job at being a teacher again, a school mum a mum and a wife within the realm of returning back to work?

Loving: that Princess and I chose a weekend at home together while the boys are at the beach.

Hoping: that I don’t wake up during the night at 2am like I have been lately.

Marvelling: at my daughter, how amazing she is and how much she is enjoying school.

Needing: time, more time, but don’t we all?

Smelling: the damp from the evaporative cooling.

Wearing: a cotton dress.

Following: hmmm, not sure

Noticing: how quiet our street is at night, even on the weekend. How perfect.

Knowing: that tomorrow is going to be another stinking hot day.

Thinking: that I can’t wait for out next family bike ride.

Feeling: tired.

Bookmarking: education websites and resources.

Opening: the windows, as I’ve typed this the cool change has swept over us.

Giggling: at Princess who has fallen asleep sitting up after her first full week (bar Wednesday) at school.

Feeling: like life is just amazing at the moment.

Bel x


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