Catching up – 52 week project

A photograph of my children each week for an entire year.

Another Monday has rolled around and I have a little time to jump on here and catch up on my 52 Portraits. We are all traveling along well here with our new routines and our new normal with me returning to teaching three days a week. And although I do get some time to myself, because we have been away the last six weekends, it means that on my days at home I have to play a game of catch…… never mind though, we are making some great memories and having a wonderful time heading away with our family and sometimes friends.

Week 6



Ragmuffin: his personal swimming pool.

Princess: the ocean beckons.

Week 7



Ragamuffin: such a character!

Princess: doing so well at school without naps, and now learning to listen to her body when she is tired.

Week 8



Ragamuffin: totally just figured out how to stand in his cot.

Princess: Rocking the school morning routine all on her own!

Bel x


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