Back to it

It’s half way through the school term, did you know that? And I’m really doing well being back in the classroom teaching three days a week. To be honest, I’ve kinda been on tenter hooks these last six weeks, just waiting for everything and me to fall apart…… but it hasn’t! I’m super busy, some days I feel as if I don’t stop until I actually lay down in bed, but you know what, and I don’t mean to sound smug, but I’m rocking it.

It really is about loving what you are doing and being super organised! If I didn’t have an amazing bunch of people to work with plus talented and smart children to teach, getting out of bed and heading to work would be a whole lot harder! And it really is about being organised, a few times I’ve kinda let things slide, and it’s meant for some flustered mornings, not a great start to the day at all! It’s easier to just do it when it needs to be done and sit down later.

And my days at home are spent getting the house and washing up to date while Ragamuffin is in bed and Princess is having some quiet time. Then the rest of it is spent enjoying my their company, playing with them, cooking, taking photos, catching up for play dates, lazy around the backyard, and laughing, lots of lots of laughing.



I miss coming here, oh god do I miss my little outlet of writing. It’s my aim in the coming weeks that amongst work, kids and Hubby, that I carve out some more time for me. Hubby has been amazing with this, did you know that a couple of weeks ago he even sent me away for a whole weekend with some friends of mine, kid free!? It was just what I needed, although, I could’ve done with more sleep, going to bed at 3am wasn’t exactly what I initially had planned! So, hopefully I’ll be back here a little more soon. In the meantime, how are you?

Bel x


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