Dear Reader….

Dearest Reader of mine,

hello hello! Well, I seem to have started to carve out some time this week and focus on my little space here, which I have been missing terribly. But it seems many of you have disappeared, I’ve lost you in the last couple of months since I returned from holidays and started back at work. But I also put one and one together, as to why I haven’t seen or heard from you much, and the answer I got was Facebook!

Its been about a month since I deactivated my personal account, which I began to loath and waste much of my valuable time on, but in turn it meant that the “Life at no2” page disappeared as well. And it now seems that most of you came over from there and used it to stay updated on my latest posts. I’ve missed you guys! So today, I’ve set up a new Facebook account (one I will only be using for my blog page) so that you can keep up to date on my newest posts and engage in conversations with me (which I’ve also missed).

I have a new address, so click on my little Facebook icon over there and it will take you straight to my new home. Share it with your friends too, I have to re-build my whole community there and would love to see lots of old and new faces popping in for a visit!

Much love, and hope to see you really soon

Bel x


3 thoughts on “Dear Reader….

  1. linbritt says:

    Pages is great, isn’t it? I haven’t deactivated my account, but switched off the notifications. Much easier to ignore without that blasted icon telling me someone said something!

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