This boy

This time last year Melbourne was in the midst of a relentless heat wave. I remember it vivdly, being 39 weeks pregnant in that type of heat was anything but pleasant! I spent Labour Day laying on my bed in the dark, underneath the air conditioner vent sucking on icy-poles before they would melt. The very next day, Ragamuffin arrived, our boy, I wrote about his arrival here. And now, he’s nearly one!




This past year has been nothing short of amazing. Being a mother for the second time, has bought the best out in me, I wrote about it over at Mumma Tells not too long ago. I have felt comfortable in my role, rarely doubting myself, my instincts or the decisions I was making. Watching Princess and Ragamuffin, together, their love and bond growing stronger each and every day has been nothing short of a pleasure to watch. Amazing how two souls that had never met, could share such a beautiful relationship almost instantly when their eyes locked. Our family grew to four, but it seems our lives became so so much more.

Ragamuffin is so much like his sister, but yet so different. He is one of the most content babies I have met, he doesn’t let much faze him. He is cheeky and so very inquisitive, he is into everything at the moment, unlike his sister who never opened a draw or played in the curtains! He has the most infectious laugh and a smile that lights up his entire face. He is besotted by his sister, looks up to his Dad and makes love eyes at me every morning. Together, the four of us are in such a beautiful place right now, and I just don’t know where this past year has gone!

Thanks to all of those you who have shared my pregnancy journey, the newborn haze, and now, this next chapter of our lives.

Bel x


5 thoughts on “This boy

  1. goodfoodweeK says:

    Congratulations for the first year – we also had a first birthday over at our place last week and it was very exciting. And now I’m pregnant with number two and I can’t wait to share in the joys you now know.

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