And just like that

…..he turned one. And it was time to celebrate with the closest people in our lives. I think when a baby turns one, the party itself is more than being about a birthday.

For us, it’s about thanking those who surround us and who we choose to surround ourselves with, for all their love, kind words, and support.

It’s about our village, the people who are there for us and our children all the time, who give us advice, or a shoulder to cry on, or even a sympathetic look.

Thanking the ones that come at the drop of a hat when you need it most.

Acknowledging the ones that just sense it, sense that you need that extra bit of help today or a phone call to see how you are doing.

It’s about my family, and our families and friends, coming together and looking at this beautiful creature that Hubby and I created, and saying “Isn’t he amazing!”.

We celebrate the highs and the lows that bought us here, one year later, with a toddler who has survived it all, especially any of our mistakes along the way.







Happy birthday little man, we are so glad your are apart of our lives. The day you arrived, our lives became all the more richer.

Bel x



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