The school caper

Princess has nearly survived her first term at school, having Wednesday’s off for the first term, she will be there full time after the holidays. She amazes me everyday, the things she learns and the excitement she shows when telling us about her day. She is loving Numeracy, and gets so excited when she gets a new level reader and word list. She works hard at school and at home, and it is a joy to see her developing and growing everyday. She also brings home names of new friends, and clapping games, oh the clapping games, they make me smile!

But with school comes great tiredness. And I’ll tell you all out there, these last couple of weeks at no.2 have been tough and challenging. Princess is exhausted, most of the time she will completely disagree with that statement, but lately, she will fess up….. putting herself to bed much earlier than she usually heads off, and falling asleep in the car on even the shortest of trips.


And with this great tiredness comes attitude, arguments and tantrums, which our girl has not really dabbled in in the past. Her moods swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. It has meant punishments, disappointment, tears and sheer and utter shock on our part that our girl could act this way. Firm boundaries and a strict routine have been tightened further and has meant bad behavior has mostly been headed off. But there are days, days when she yells and screams like some wild animal who has been caged up. It’s usually followed by her falling in a heap sobbing, with sleep usually following quickly.

As a teacher, I know what the end of the term brings, so I have been somewhat prepared. But now the count down is on until my girl can recharge her batteries, and in turn find her groove again. I’m looking forward to being able to spend some great quality time with her, and also making sure some of her days are slow and relaxing. And I’m looking forward to our sweet girl returning to us, she has been anything but sweet lately.

So to all you Mumma’s out there, especially ones with Prep children, I know what you are going through! It’s complete normal! Just remember that it’s been a big start to the year and they are just so tired. I wish you all a wonderful break with your little ones.

Bel x


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