Chocolate Playdough

If you’re anything like me, and I suppose you are, you probably love Pinterest as much as I do. I pin away crafts that look amazing, and very rarely do them! The other night I was pinning away Easter crafts and homemade gifts and spotted it, Chocolate Playdough!!

I must admit it, I loathe playdough! That shi-zizzle gets stuck everywhere in the carpet, it ends up in small colorful balls all over the floor boards and months later you are still finding mummified pieces off it all over the house. And lets face it, it doesn’t smell that great either.

BUT chocolate playdough, oh mah gawd! Get around me people, get around me!!!

Not only was it so easy to whip up, but it smells totally amazing! And with Easter coming up, I’m seriously thinking of making batches of the stuff for non-edible gifts! I’ve already made two batches today, one of which Princess hasn’t stopped playing with, bonus is it’s making my house smell totally yummy! And I made a batch for her class to use on the last day of term. I would love to make more today but I just ran out of ingredients.

So, hop to it and make some! I found the recipe here. It calls for 50ml of chocolate essence, I only used 25ml, as that is half a bottle and it still smells devine! I found it at my local Coles, Safeway didn’t seem to have it, and it is located in your baking ailse with all the other essence stuff.




Bel x


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