Holidays have been hampered

Yes yes, the weather in Melbourne this week been rather dull. Her skies full of grey clouds and lots of rain, and of course on the first week of the holidays. I’m not complaining too much though, it has meant much needed days at home, for Princess to rest after her first term at school, and for me to catch up and spend some quality time with the kids. Also, the garden is totally loving this good drenching.

I’m not sure this year I will be able to cope without a washing dryer, I’ve done without it for three years so far. But now with a baby and a school kid, and these unrelenting wet days, I may just have to succumb to buying a new one…..good for the sheets and towels, as well as a quick dry of a school top or work shorts if needed.

The rain often lulls us all to sleep in the afternoons, the sound of it hitting the roof is loud enough for us to hear inside as we tuck in and huddle together under the doona. We spend the afternoons in my sun filled room, reading and playing tickle monsters. We sip on hot chocolates and chat about memories and funny things that have happened. And even though we are enjoying our time at home, next week I hope for a bit of sun so we can all venture outside a wee bit.





Princess has had much sleep to catch up on, and because of it is back to her normal self. She has been so beautifully well behaved, and hasn’t once said she is bored (yet!). She’s had some day trips out with her Aunts and Uncles, and her Grandparents too. We’ve also been sucked into the whole Loom Bracelet craze! Some movies are on constant repeat, as are some of her favorite songs which we dance to around the house.

Ragamuffin took his first few tentative steps yesterday, which I amazingly managed to get a short video of. I can’t quite picture him walking yet, but know that once he does, I’ll have my hands fuller than they already are. He is into everything, and we’ve had a couple of interesting mishaps, which have made my heart skip a few beats! Today though he is not himself, sitting on me quietly, not wriggling at all, and then he actually fell asleep sitting up on me, no dummy and no sniffy were needed. I’m hoping that whatever it is passes quickly, although I am loving the hugs.

Sibling rivalry on his part has also begun. He wont hand anything over to Princess, no matter how much she uses her manners, instead he screams at her and then willingly will hand it off to Hubby or I. The squealing thing has started in the car too, I’ve told Hubby we need to move Princess’ seat STAT!!

And me, well I am enjoying my first week away from work just spending time with the kids. I’ve found a new love of hot drinks early in the morning, I have never really been a big tea or coffee lover, but how nice is it to sit in silence with a cuppa in your hands with nothing else to do?! I started reading the last book of the Hunger Games but have put it back down again, I think I am worried about what I’ll do when I finish it, go into a bit of mourning if you will. Plus, how long will I have to wait for the movie?

I can’t quite believe that this tim next week the Easter Bunny will be gearing up to head our way! A third of the year gone already, just like that! I hope you have all enjoyed your week and have some family time planned for Easter! Lets hope that we get a bit of sunshine next week, we wouldn’t want the Bunny to slip on wet grass or get those gorgeous white paws of his muddy!!

What have you been up to on this rainy week?

Bel x



One thought on “Holidays have been hampered

  1. Laura says:

    Yes, some sunshine would be lovely next week but we have been out everyday this week despite the horrible conditions. I’m loving the holidays too. Spending time with my girl and enjoying switching off from school mode. One week down and one to go. Definitely going to stay closer to home next week and hopefully enjoy some nice walks and trips to the playground.

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