5 tips for long car travel with kids

I’m sure many of you may be heading away these school holidays or for just the main days of Easter. Hubby and I have been doing this camping caper for five years now with kids in tow, and I can’t stress enough how important forward planning is in making your holiday a smooth one. Today I wanted to share my Top Five tips for traveling in a car with kids. We travel anywhere for three hours and up with our kids, and have travelled with Ragamuffin being just weeks old, so we mostly have the travel part of the journey sorted.


1. Be organised

Fuel up your car the night before, and get cash out if you need, there is nothing worse than heading off with the kids in tow and having to do stop offs on the way. Limit the chances of them sitting in a stationary vehicle.

2. Eating on the go I

Instead of choosing to stop at the local take-away place on the Freeway, organise dinner for the family beforehand. It means you can eat whenever you want and not have to wait for the next place to pop up on the side of the road AND added bonus is you don’t have to stop, plus you save your money. We often take a flask of hot water with hot dogs and have pre-cut rolls ready to go, we also do chicken rolls and the like. Pack an Esky with drinks and heaps of snacks for the kids (healthy and a couple of treats, just in case you need to resort to some form of bribery).

3. Fun for the kids

Hopefully they will sleep at least some of the way, depending on your departure time (fingers crossed) but if not, you have to expect some boredom along the way. Ipads with interactive books, educational games are awesome, and movies are awesome for the older kids (make sure you pack headphones. Also little activity bags are good, things that you know will keep them occupied and some new and interesting things too. Don’t under estimate the radio and a sing-along or a game of eye-spy too.

4. Accessibility

Especially with babies, make sure everything you may need is easily accessible, think dummy, nappies, wipes, drinks, snacks, favorite toy and comforter, it all needs to be in arms reach ‘just in case’. Also, think about when you arrive, what will you need straight away and make sure that is the first thing you can get out, it may be a rug for the kids to sit on while you set up, or a pram to put bubs in.

6. Limit the liquids

It sounds simple enough but why stop unless you have to if the kids are happy? Limit the liquid intake, especially for those older kidlets without the convenience of a nappy. Or plan quick stops along the way. There is nothing worse than be on the Hume Freeway, bumper to bumper, with hours ahead and your little one guzzles a drink and then begs to go to the toilet…..looks like the side of the road it is and fighting your way back on to the freeway!

Enjoy your Easter weekend if you are heading away. Make sure you drive safe…..does it really matter if it takes you an extra ten minutes in the scheme of things?

Bel x



2 thoughts on “5 tips for long car travel with kids

  1. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    I like your eating on the go tip. That’s a goodie. We don’t travel very far in the car… we’ve got two littles that last about 30 mins before losing it! I always wanted a babe that would be lulled to sleep by the hum of the motor… Enjoy your getaway. X

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