The world of him

When people asked me what I was hoping for apart from a healthy bub when I was pregnant with Ragamuffin, I honestly couldn’t answer their question. Another girl would hopefully bring with it a beautiful connection with Princess, a sisterly bond, one that I now share with my own sister and treasure deeply. A boy on the other hand would introduce me to an exciting new world I had yet to be apart of, the world of boys.

And so this week, I have had my first glimpse into this world, one that will surely keep me on my toes and with my heart pounding out of my chest!



In these last few days alone, Ragamuffin’s face has involved from flawless porcelain like skin, to a wannabe unicorn, with other blue marks and bumps joining his newly found horn in the middle of his head. There was also an incident with a toilet duck, which I wont get into, except to say that I almost ended up having a heart attack when I realised what he had been up to. And there’s nothing like the face of a child who is doing the ‘sucking in air cry’ you know the one, where no sound is coming out but you just need to wait and then bam!!

This child of mine, although an inquisitive explorer and lover of the outdoors just like his sister was, seems to get into way more strife than she ever did! My girl never had any face forward spills, she didn’t get into cupboards or even notice a powerpoint, and she definitely wasn’t a climber. Ragamuffin on the other hand seems to be ticking all those boxes. I do love though the way he loves playing in mud, surveying rocks (and occasionally licking them), placing random items in buckets, and his amazing ability to crawl over hundreds of river rocks to get to his chosen destination.

I’m definitely no helicopter parent, I learn more toward letting my children discover, explore and find things out for themselves, however, Ragamuffin is going to test my strength to just let him go at times. It’s like watching a movie on slow motion, you can totally see what’s about to happen but it’s in those split seconds that as parents we have to decide what to do….. and after this week I realise there will be lots of times where I will have to run like hell to stop the foreseeable from happening. In the coming days Hubby and I will be purchasing a solid fire guard for our wood fire, as well as re-baby proofing the house (think power point covers, locks for certain cupboards and some doors), oh the fun!!

Tell me, what kind of things have your kids gotten up to at this precious age?


3 thoughts on “The world of him

  1. Bec Schuler says:

    Oh the second child….. Had my first been like my second I may not have had the second lol.
    Miss N is that kid, the one who climbs the couch, opens the drawers (just to empty the contents), the one who wants to eat dirt and share a meal with the dogs. (Bless, at least she is exploring sharing and turn taking).
    What of the risks….. Climbing out of the back door head first, standing in her cozy coupe, scaling her toy kitchen and my favourite standing on the window ledge holding onto the dividing metal just to sway back and forth like a trapeze artist.
    No helicopter mum here either however my nerves are on edge as I quickly evaluate and decide what risks are to be explored and what risks could end up with a trip to the emergency room.
    The way I look at it is this is her time to decide who she is. will she be a teen/ an adult who will take a risk or will she be someone looking for approval and a nod before she does something. It would just be nice if I didn’t need to gain grey hair while she explores her surroundings.

  2. Croila says:

    My two are very different – my first (now 11) was a perfect sleeper but when he was awake … OMG he was awake. He was awake and never, ever still. And he never got up after 6.00 am. Even now he’ s an early riser. My second (nearly 2) doens’t sleep so well during the night but is happy to sleep in till 9.00 am, and she is also calmer during the day. 🙂

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