Taking Stock – April

The year is flying, so much so there was no Taking Stock March edition, because I’m not quite sure where March actually went!! A quarter of the way through 2014 already, what!?

Making: schedules and trying to stick to them, in a flexible manner of course.

Drinking: pre-mix coke, I really love it!

Reading: The third book in the Hunger Games series, really slowly, not sure how I will cope when it all ends.

Watching: Some blogging podcasts, interesting stuff, well for me anyway.

Looking: forward to a couple of weekends away to my favorite places with my favorite people.

Playing: balloon volleyball in the lounge, it’s totally a game you know?

Wasting: time sitting on the computer, really should be cleaning.

Wishing: for dreams to come true.

Enjoying: this last week of the school holidays and the beautiful Autumn weather, finally!!

Waiting: for Hubby to get home c’mon already.

Liking: how organised I am, it’s making things a lot easier around these parts.

Wondering: what I should wish for for Mothers Day this year. Ideas?

Loving: easter egg chocolate, I’m sure there’s nothing better.

Hoping: for a day where I can just lay in bed, no places to be, things to do.

Marvelling: how quickly Princess is learning, Prep really is an amazing year isn’t it?

Needing: to get my butt back into a routine at the gym, I’ve been off these last couple of weeks and miss it.

Smelling: the lillies in the lounge room and my bedroom.

Wearing: leggings and a long blue shirt (yes I’m wearing leggings as pants)

Following: the Kidspot Voices of 2014 and cheering for some great virtual (and real) friends!

Noticing: how amazing the light is that streams into my bedroom and lounge room at seven in the morning.

Knowing: that Easter eggs, despite how yummy, will be my undoing.

Thinking: of relaxing and of the fresh air I will experience when away.

Feeling: inspired.

Bookmarking: more and more things for work.

Opening: the Esky to put more ice in for our Easter trip.

Giggling: at song words gone wrong in my family and others.

Feeling: that this is what life is all about.

Bel x


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock – April

  1. Dani says:

    Hi Bel,
    I love hearing snippets of other people’s lives, thank you for sharing!
    I compile this exact same post called ‘lately’ at the end of every month & it is such a lovely way of recording the everyday moments.
    Dani x

  2. Croila says:

    “Hoping: for a day where I can just lay in bed, no places to be, things to do.” … Sometimes I think I’d sell my left kidney for this. For two days, I’d sell my right one too!

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