Imperfectly perfect

I found the most imperfectly perfect image on my memory card after my weekend away, a beautiful mistake.

I remember the exact moment I took it. It was totally rushed. I knew I wanted a different angle of the scene I had previously took a photo of. So I grabbed my camera, lowered it, not myself, to the ground and pressed the shutter. That was it. I didn’t look at it until I got home, and although it wasn’t what had I initially envisaged, nor is it technically perfect, it just spoke to me, it still does. I love everything about it, everything.


It reminds me that sometimes making mistakes in life, big or small, can be a good thing. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes and at other times that lead us on to bigger and better things. They can lead to chance encounters, new friendships found or old ones renewed. And sometimes, just sometimes, you find the imperfectly perfect in them.

Have you made any beautiful mistakes lately?


2 thoughts on “Imperfectly perfect

  1. Croila says:

    That’s beautiful! Very serene and the muted colours are indeed just perfect. I find most of my best photos are accidents, so yes, I guess I could call them beautiful mistakes too!

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