Catching up, on well, everything!

So, it seems I’ve fallen into a black hole since school holidays ended. I haven’t been visiting here, and the last week I have been seriously pining my little space, desperately wanting to write, take photographs and be creative, the way I like being creative. Things here at no.2 have been much the same, we enjoyed the burst of beautiful Melbourne weather while it lasted, rarely being home, rather taking off to various locations each weekend. But, despite the awesomeness that is traveling about, the washing and other house-holdly duties always ends up catching up with you! So lately, I feel like I’ve been playing a game of catch up.

Last month we decided to stay closer to home, Hubby and I managed a night away in the city just the two of us, and it was bliss!! ‘Ya know, just sitting there eating dinner, a hot one!  We chatted, just the two of us, and just paid attention to one another with no interruptions, it was nice.

And then, being a teacher, I hit report writing time, a necessary evil, so that hasn’t left time for my online world. Luckily though my other partner in life (who I share a class with) and I are on the same wave length; we think the same thoughts, write the same way, and like to stick to a schedule. And so, we are almost done!

Which brings me back here today, yay!! Here are the portraits of the kids from the last four weeks! In that time Ragamuffin has gone from like 8 teeth to something like 13, crazy! And as of last week, his steps here and there became walking, and now we can officially say he is a fully fledged walker. Princess has gone up four levels in her reading and is still loving school, although she seems to love math more than reading….is she actually mine then?

Week 19


Ragamuffin – we have soft grass but he always chooses the rocks!

Princess – always playing netball.

Week 20



Ragamuffin – yes, he is totally cute.

Princess – a little project I’ve been helping out with.

Week 21



Ragamuffin – pulls some very unique faces.

Princess – “do you want to build a snowman?”, yep, it’s taken over our place too.

Week 22



Ragamuffin – after a week of getting 5 teeth at once, he finally has his appetite back.

Princess – seems to have joined in on her brothers love of climbing, why is she always on the bench?


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