The week that was

Last week kicked my arse, hard, like really hard! Not only has Winter finally arrived in Melbourne, bringing with it ominous clouds full of rain, but so has the worst bout of teething so far. Sleepless nights, clingy baby syndrome, and a baby who now knows how to use the word ‘no’ or ‘nup’ as well as Mum in context, not Dad, just Mum, have meant I am feeling a tad drained. Last week was a taxing one on me, emotionally and physically. One thing after another just crept up, kicking my sweet behind either softly, or really quite hard. It meant that this little introvert spent most of the week, well you know, being introverted….. overthinking, analysing and second guessing. Not only do I wish I could get sleep, but I wish my brain would switch off too.

But, I’m a glass is half full kinda girl normally, so instead of wallowing (which yes, I did do a bit of…it really was a shit of a week), I prefer to look on the bright side, I’m all “the sun’ll come up tomorrow”. So, things that rocked my world the last week, that put a smile on my face and made me forget all my woes, if only for a second…..





}} Trips to the beach with family and friends, I’m sure there isn’t anything much better.

}} Bike rides in the fresh air with Hubby, relieving our childhood just a tad.

}} Friends who believe in unicorns, rainbows, and the good in people.

}} Email’s from the Universe that totally fit right in with what is going on in my world at the moment.

}} Snuggles with my boy through the teething process (four teeth cutting at once, I have to cut him some slack!).

}} Dreams about friends, some reoccurring, wonder if these ones will come true like some of my others have!

}} Our house constantly warmed by a roaring fire.

}} An afternoon nap with Princess, her body curled up into mine, her breath warm on my face. I dare not move.

}} Homemade pizza’s and a night in.

}} School reports all written, fix-ups done, and deadlines met! I have an awesome partner to thank x

}} And some fun times on the horizon.

What made your week just that little bit better?



5 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Sonia Life Love Hiccups says:

    Those gorgeous things totally outweigh anything shitty the week coughed up. Although it must have been something in the stars as last week was particularly shitty. I hope this week is a much better one my fellow Pollyanna 😉 xx

    • lifeatno2 says:

      It was definitely in the stars, so many of us seemed to have the shit hit the fan! Onwards and upwards for us! Part of my crap week though was standing up for myself, very hard on this little panicky introvert…you would’ve been proud of me x

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