Taking Stock – June

Wow, um, where the heck did that half a year go!! I totally missed out on Taking Stock in May, forgive me, I’m a teacher and report writing took over!


Making: lists, lots of lists, my memory slips if I don’t.

Drinking: nothing, but I’m about to make myself a hot milo to warm up.

Reading: blogs, playing a massive game of catch up.

Watching: the first episode of House Husbands that I missed.

Looking: forward to this weekend.

Playing: catch up with the washing, yuck!

Wasting: time while another load of washing goes through the machine.

Wishing: that I could light the fire today, I’m having no luck!

Enjoying: a bit of me time while Ragamuffin sleeps.

Waiting: for the bloody washing to finish.

Liking: my new exercise regime.

Wondering: what’s for dinner tonight.

Loving: the cooler weather so I can snuggle up with the family at home.

Hoping: that it doesn’t rain for school pick up.

Marvelling: at Ragamuffin and how many words he actually knows, it really is quite crazy!

Needing: to get my slippers on, my feet are freezing!

Smelling: the freshly cleaned playroom.

Wearing: my woollen waterfall cardi, nothing better.

Following: hmmmm

Noticing: how quickly my family can destroy a clean house, why do I bother!?

Knowing: that holidays are within our grasp.

Thinking: about our niece, she should be on a plane right now heading for the US to work at a Summer Camp.

Feeling: much better today that I did last week.

Bookmarking: camera repairers…. it is time.

Opening: the cupboard again, surely the next time I open it, something will miraculously appear for me to eat yes?

Giggling: at the things kids say.

Feeling: like a nap.



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