It’s all about me

Last year I joined a gym, and I wrote about it here. Despite my previous relationship with gyms and movement in general, I quite suprised myself and the excitement I got from escaping the house for some ‘me’ time to exercise. I would put my runners and gym gear on at least three times a week, and I loved it, until I didn’t.

It got to the point where I was just running through the motions each time I went, and it was no longer fun, or challenging. I still went, but really, I wasn’t getting anything out of it anymore. So I left. I quick my membership (which I will still be paying for for a couple of months, grrrrr) and instead headed to a new place. A new place where there is a small community, where there are no pushy sales people, where I am challenged and feel the thrill of doing an amazing workout afterwards, and the best bit is it’s all done outdoors so fresh air!!

It’s rain, hail or shine, you go! And I have! My second class, I swear it was like five degrees and pissing down with rain, and did I mention night time? I can already feel my fitness changing, just like when I started at the gym (until I kinda flat lined).




I may not be changing numbers on the scales, but hell, it feels awesome to do things with my kids and not getting completely puffed! It feels amazing to go bike riding as a family, for long distances, exploring unknown places, while racing, laughing and talking… cool is bike riding?! (P.S, we haven’t had another child or anything, Phoebe’s friend came along for a ride). So, my journey continues, it has just taken a different route, one where fun, fitness and camaraderie doesn’t waiver. And for it, I will become a better me, a better wife and a better Mum, because clearly, it’s all about me 😉


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