Dirty little not-so secret

I’ve been around the blogging traps for a little bit now, and when I have the time, I love to comment on some of the blogs I read. I always love to visit Sonia, and if you don’t already you should totally do it now (ok, well maybe after you’ve read this post). The other day she wrote a post called “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and obviously I wrote a comment and Sonia ….. got you interested now haven’t we?


I gave her the basics, like, I am a Mum to two, a wife and a teacher. Then I added being scared of cats and birds, that I was once a smoker, and then finally that I swear… a lot! Her reply made me laugh, that she didn’t pick me as a swearer, because you know, I am like an absolute gutter mouth, really I am.

But when people blog in blogland, we tend to build up an impression of them over-time. Sometimes they give us the facts about their lives and other times we make inferences from things they have said or posted. Photographs can give the impression of beautiful styled homes, where tidiness rules…. even if you have kids, amazing cooks and bakers who seem never buy take-away rather, they make everything from scratch (see, I’m assuming). The sewers, the crafters, the green-smoothie makers (seriously, does that stuff even taste good?), the country-dwellers or the hip city-folk…… from these little snippets of peoples lives that they choose to share we us, we know them so well but not so at the same time.

I’d love to know if you have an impression of me, or would like to ask me a question!! This could be a lot of fun!

I’d totally love to meet Sonia, it seems we have so much in common….. what with all the vodka drinking and the swearing, oh and being anxious introverts! One day it’ll happen, I’m sure, but until then, I’ll keep getting to know her, and many others from their blogs, and constantly add to the impressions I am building of them.

P.S Sonia, what the hell were you doing up at 3:10am??


Here at no.2 we love hearing from you & appreciate your comments!

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