The Photoschool

Any cold, grey day that starts with someone telling me to “just follow the path of confetti” is sure the be a bloody good one!! And it most definitely was on Sunday when I headed into the city with a friend to take part in the first ever Photoschool run by the beautiful Kate and Peta. If you love your photography as much as I do, and are always striving to take better photos, totally head on over and book yourself a spot, you’ll love love love it.



My mind was totally blown on more than one occasion, and the girls, well boy did they do a great job at making everyone feel welcome and making us laugh a whole lot along the way. I left feeling very inspired, and with a tummy full of the most yummy homemade food. There are so many things I could babble on about, but basically, it was an awesome day with great people and I have many new tips and tricks in my bag of arsenal (plus had a massive fan girl moment when I got to sit next to Pip for the entire day….first time I had ever met her. I think, well I hope, I held my composure and didn’t completely embarrass myself).

I’m now looking forward to taking lots of photographs over the school holidays and practising some of the things that I learnt







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