Taking Stock July

Well hello half-year-mark!! Melbourne’s winter has well and truly hit, cold winds and plain old icy weather makes even typing here a little tough! For a person who really doesn’t really drink many hot drinks, the kettle has been on quite a bit here at No.2 of late. Our wood pile is already looking a bit sad, it took a battering last week with the nasty wind, and we had the fire on around the clock. Here I go taking stock again, following from Pip’s lead

Making : time for myself
Cooking : vegemite on toast for the kids
Drinking : hot milo
Reading : nothing at the moment, anyone have any good reads?
Wanting : a massive sleep in, pretty please?
Looking : for the plug, still, Ragamuffin hid it.
Playing : friends of ten with Princess, she’s pretty quick!
Deciding : whether or not to go up the street or just stay in the warmth of my lounge room.
Wishing : that it was just a touch warmer so the kids could play outside without me having to rug them up like Eskimos.
Enjoying : the school holidays and not having to meet deadlines.
Waiting : for the kettle to boil.
Liking : that I learnt more photography tips to use in my everyday life, yay!
Wondering : what time Hubby will be home tonight.
Loving : the smell of our fire when I walk outside to get the mail.
Pondering : what new lens I would like for my camera.
Considering : laying on the couch while the kids watch Playschool, very naughty Mumma.
Watching : YouTube videos on how to crochet a granny square……you will not beat me!
Hoping : that I will get the knack of granny squares!
Marvelling : everyday at Princess and how quickly she is learning.
Needing : a neck massage, it’s out and I am praying it doesn’t turn into a migraine.
Smelling : orange, it’s all over Ragamuffin’s hands after he sucked one dry.
Wearing : jeans and a comfy jumper, I don’t care about fashion today, just warmth.
Following : lots of new people on Instagram who I met over the weekend.
Noticing : that no matter how much I do, Hubby can trash my kitchen in the first five minutes he is home.
Knowing : that the next few days will be full on but so much fun with the kids.
Thinking : I really need to spend the last half an hour before bed, reading and crocheting, something just for me.
Feeling : a little tired after Princess woke me no less than five times throughout the night for very random things. I forgive her because she rarely wakes us at all.
Admiring : the confidence of some people.
Sorting : paid bills into their corresponding files, exciting huh?
Buying : I really need to buy a car charger for my phone, the battery life is crapola!
Getting : hungry, I’d love some home made scones or something similar.
Bookmarking : YouTube videos to help me with the whole granny square issue.
Disliking : the sentence “I’m bored”
Opening : my removable hard drive up to transfer a heap of photos.
Giggling : at Princess and the ongoing tooth saga….wish it would fall out already!
Feeling : like no matter how much I sleep at the moment, I just can’t seem to catch up.
Snacking : on lamingtons.
Coveting : some pretty coloured wool.
Wishing : that the teething (either teeth cutting or falling out) would just cease for a little while in this house.
Helping : Ragamuffin ‘up’ again.
Hearing : the kids dancing and laughing.



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