When I was younger, my god-mother lived between here and the major shopping centre an hour away. Often on the way home from a day of shopping, my sister and I would beg our Mum to drive-by her home, in the hopes that she would be there and we would pop in for a visit. You see, there was no point really trying to call, mobiles didn’t exist in those days and even if they did, she probably wouldn’t answer. The anticipation as we would pull into her street was almost unbearable! Mum would jump out of the running car and knock at her door, while my sister and I had our hands eagerly resting on our seatbelts ready to eject them and rush out of the car if she was in fact home. Seven out of ten times, she wasn’t there, and we would leave a note on a napkin in her door letting her know that we had called in. But when she was there, she always welcomed us with open arms.

The kettle was put on straight away, and any menial task that was being performed the minute we knocked at her door was stopped (and if it was mopping or vacuuming, my sister and I usually finished it off for her….not sure how she did it, but she had a way of making housework kinda fun!). Cakes, biscuits and drinks would be whipped out, and off my sister and I would go and play, while Mum and her sat sipping their tea and chatting away.


My sister and my best-friend were discussing the other week how the drive-by is pretty much dead. Everything these days seems to be so well planned and orchestrated, and it made us wonder why? Is it for fear that we feel our home isn’t respectable enough for a visitor to just drop by, or is it something else completely? Maybe it’s why so many women feel a little isolated when they are at home with their children…..sometimes the need to just leave the house strikes, we’ve all been there, but where to go on such short notice??

I know that my Mum had a few close girlfriends when we were growing up, and they or even my Mum would drop anything for the lure of a coffee and a chat while the kids would go off and play. Sometimes it would be a quick fly-in fly-out visit, and other times it would stretch into the late afternoon and end up with Husbands being told to come around for dinner too. It was an amazing sense of community. I could probably count on one hand the girlfriends that wouldn’t be afraid of a drive-by, it’s kinda sad.

Tell me, would you be open to a drive-by? Why do you think people seem to be afraid of them these days?


2 thoughts on “Drive-bys

  1. Brydie says:

    Reading this flashed back memories for me too!
    My aunty used to do the “pop in” with my younger cousins
    I dreaded it cos they used to eat all the chicken crimpys, bash at our piano and clunk on the excercise bike. But my aunty was always in a chatty funny mood, we’d dance in the kitchen and “strike a pose! Vogue!” She’s since passed away.
    Bring back the pop in!

  2. Sonia Life Love Hiccups says:

    When we were younger we always had an open door policy but I hate to admit it but these days I get nervous if someone turns up out of the blue, you know in case the house is a pig sty or I am unshowered. Completely vain stuff I know and totally ridiculous as I do miss the pop in xx

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