Hello August, a kinda pointless post

Life at no2

Wow, hasn’t the year whipped by already, I mean hello, it’s only something like five months until Christmas!! Winter here in Melbourne has really been a big mix. She has teased us with blue skies and sunny days, and then the very next, she’s sending us polar ice winds, rain and snow. All of us here at no2 have been hit with winter-like illnesses at some stage, we seem to overlap each other and just when we think we are home and hosed, bam, someone else goes down like a sack, of well, potatoes.

I feel like we haven’t spent much time at no2 over the weekends, there always seems to be something on and when there isn’t, we swiftly steal away to our coastal retreat. The last few weekends though we’ve made an effort to stay in, get stuff done around the place, all the boring stuff that we’ve been putting off. Hubby restocked the wood pile, which has taken a battering this winter, and I started a spring-like -clean, mainly in the kids wardrobes and the playroom.

We’ve had pizza nights, snuggles on the couch, visits to the local footy, and sleepovers in front of the fire. We made a trip to the zoo, Ragamuffin’s first visit there, and it really was a perfectly warm and amazing family day. I do like Winter for the slowness of it all, but really, I’d be happy to do slow in spring too! Winter has seemed to sap my creative juices too, every where I look it’s grey clouds and gloomy days. I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I normally would, and I haven’t been writing much either. I’m hoping with Spring within grasp, my mood will lighten and the juices will flow once again. Until then, I’ll plod alone and do things when the mood strikes me.

’til then, keep warm my friends x


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