Fancy Free

I went to New Zealand a few weeks back, did you know? Hubby and I headed off with our group of friends for one of their weddings. Five days and five nights away from the kids, the longest either of us had ever been away from them! Apart from the fact that I’m a nervous flyer (I wasn’t always, buts that a whole other story) and that we were both going to be away from our little ones for so long, was nerve-racking to say the least!! Timetables were drawn up; who was looking after the kids when, who was doing school pick up and drop off, who was watching Ragamuffin,  and who was taking them swimming lessons, was all mapped up.

The night we left them, a giant pang of guilt and a whole lot of what ifs  hit home, and truth be told, I wasn’t that excited about going. Fast forward to our first day, and I found out that being a little bit selfish and enjoying a holiday away from the kids was all it was cracked up to be! I missed the kids like crazy,do not get me wrong for a single second, I rang them each morning to say hello and each night to see how their day was and sent them photos when I could. But being just Hubby and I, was totally freakin’ awesome!!

Life at no2


Life at no2

We were fancy free, eating whenever we wanted, drinking alcohol at any time and not having to worry who was driving home or who was going to get up to the kids, staying out late (or early, whatever way you look at it), and even if we couldn’t sleep in just laying their and staring out the window at the amazing view was so relaxing.


We went on a helicopter and landed at the top of a snow-capped mountain. We caught gondola’s up a mountain and then raced friends on the street luge. We sipped cocktails at an ice bar. We screamed and laughed on the Shotover. Cried, laughed, danced and drunk the night away at the wedding. We held hands through the streets and had full blow uninterrupted conversations.

Life at no2

Life at no2

It was probably just what we needed, at just the right time. A way for us to connect and have fun together without interruptions, and also made us even more grateful for the beautiful family we had left behind. And when the holiday was, and all the fun had been had, we headed home longing to wrap our arms tight around Princess and Ragamuffin.


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