The non-Pinterest inspired birthday

Last week we celebrated Princess’s sixth birthday, sixth!! We have done the whole ‘big party’ thing for the past few years, and I’ll even admit to be over-inspired by Pinterest for the past couple, but this year things were a bit different. It was a small event, with four friends invited from school and a small idea, movie night. We bought a new Barbie DVD to watch, along with some matching straws, plates, and boxes and we were away.

The girls came dressed in their pj’s, their bellies already full with dinner; they did of course leave their popcorn, chocolate milk, and cake stomachs’ empty for a night at the movies. There was a bit of movie watching, followed by lots of shrieking, laughing and running, as well as a ripper game of musical statues. After cake, they all settled back down on the couch for a bit of down time before their parents returned for pick up.

Life at no2

Life at no2

Life at no2


It really was a small and understated gathering, but you know what, Princess had the best time with her little friends, and gauging the shrieking and laughter, they seemed to have a good time too. Sometimes celebrations don’t need to be over the top, sometimes the fun gets lost in the detail of it all.

Happy birthday Princess!


6 thoughts on “The non-Pinterest inspired birthday

  1. Nic says:

    Sounds like a perfect birthday party!! Might just tuck that away in the memory for when my youngest turns 6 next year!! Quick question if you don’t mind me asking what sort of time frame did you work too? Thanks heaps Nic

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