This little light

This amazing creature, the first that we created, has been at school for nearly a year now! Prep is seriously the most amazing year to be a parent and a teacher. How quickly they change, mature, grow and learn. I marvel at the fact that this girl, who could only write her name, tell me colours and count to ten, can now sit down and read books to me and spell words, and write letters all on her own.

Life at no2

She says to our friends and family that school is boring and that she hates it, but I know otherwise. I told her the other day that it’s really not cool to say those things about school, that school is a place full of adventure and learning to be had. She understood, she totally gets it.

Life at no2

She is an old and wise soul. Confident in some ways but yet not in others. Everyone is her friend, yet she is happy to play alone, if you want to join her that’s fine too. I say to my friends that she ‘runs her own race’ and I love that about her.

Life at no2

Being in Prep has its up and downs too you know? We’ve had to deal with extreme tiredness in the first term and then in the second when she no longer had Wednesdays off. And the last two weeks of each term is always thwart with tears, temper tantrums, not wanting to get out of bed, and falling asleep on the couch sitting up fully clothed with no dinner in her belly. Then there was the ‘how much longer do I have to go to school for Mum?’ stage (ummm at least another twelve years my dear). We have had the stage where Princess just knows everything, everything, and of course would argue the point too. And now we have the back chatting and arguing to contend with. We stand our ground and remain consistent in what we expect from her though, and together we really are soldiering through this.

I honestly just sit back and marvel at her, I really do. Like really, wasn’t it just yesterday that I bought her home from the hospital? And now look at her!

How have your kids coped with their first year at Primary School.


2 thoughts on “This little light

  1. linbritt says:

    Omg it’s like you’ve described Megan and the year we’ve had!! Without a doubt-it’s my favourite year level to teach and I got to marvel from the parents perspective!! And now do it all over again with Alex!

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