Life Lately

To start with, we had the most awesome family holiday over Melbourne Cup. We hired a houseboat and cruised the Murray River. Despite my fears of Ragamuffin scaling every barrier to the water imaginable, and me planning to tie his life jacket to some sort of anchor point in the middle of the boat, he was everything that I hoped for and more! The weather was not too hot nor cold, the spots we chose to stop were nothing short of perfect. We had friends visit, and had the bonus of a speedboat and a jet ski to keep us occupied. More on our trip to come later.
Life at no2
Since we arrived home though, both Princess and her cousin have been struck down with chicken pox! The Doctors have said they are 90% sure it is, and we are treating it like they have it (although some doubts have crossed our mind). Princess in devastated, not so much about the pox, but more about the fact she has made it this far into her first year of school without a day off. Now she has to have a week off and miss an excursion. On top of all that, she had to miss the local festival, this was what sent her into the foetal position howling.
Life at no2
Ragamuffin continues to be both adventurous and cheeky. He loves his sister dealing but the sibling rivalry has begun. He screams at her is she so much as sits near me, or if she doesn’t answer to him the first time he calls her name. He uses ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ but can be quite demanding. His favorite food is hot dogs, which he calls hot cots, and in all honesty I’m sure that he would have them for breakfast if he could! The days can be challenging, especially the ones like this morning that start with him demanding fairy bread for breakfast. Some days you just have to sprinkle those hundreds and thousands to great through the day, pick you’re battles and all that.
Life at no2
And if report writing at school isn’t keeping me busy enough, I have finally started Xanthe’s Creating Time Capsules course which I am loving and feeling very inspired by. I have my own little Vimeo account if you want to check out some of my creations as I go along.


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