A house that’s a boat

I’m not sure exactly what it is about Houseboats but it seems to be on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It was definitely on ours! I’m not sure there is ever a ‘right time’ to do these things, so we booked on a whim. Immediately afterwards the doubts started, mainly centring around Ragamuffin and his adventurous qualities and climbing ability. I had visions on him scaling the barrier and falling in, being swept away by the Murray River current that scares me so much as an adult. You wouldn’t think that I spent my childhood camping on it’s banks, swimming and bathing in it daily, would you?
Life at no2
We had a lifejacket rule for the kids, which they followed without question. We spoke to them about water safety, and told them that they needed to be in the presence of an adult at all times. And really, the kids were totally amazing, Ragamuffin more so! It made for a fun and relaxing holiday.
Life at no2

Life at no2
We slept each night with the curtains open, gazing at the stars and the surrounding bushland as the water ever so gently lapped the sides of the boat. We woke to amazing sunrises and birds shrieking, and the best part, we had nowhere to be. Some days we set sail, or whatever you call it when on a houseboat, and travelled to a new location, other days we stayed put. Some nights we walked the plank across to land, lit a fire and toasted marshmallows. The baby monitor came in handy when the kids went to bed and we stayed on shore or went to the top deck.
Life at no2

Life at no2

Life at no2
Days were spent fishing, lazing in the spa, dangling our feet off the back of the boat, and watching in amazement all the boats and water skiers fly past. We had friends visit with their boat, and I tried my hand at skiing again for like the billionth time and then promptly decided I was never going to conquer it and retired. Then I hit the jetski and tried my hand at knee boarding and nailed it, so proud!
Life at no2
We had an amazing time, and if it’s on your bucket list, just do it!


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