Ten things I learnt this week

When I first started blogging, years ago with a different blog name, I started because I truly had a tough little babe in Princess. By gee I loved that baby girl so much, but on the same token, some days were hard, like really hard. So I started a blog, because it was an outlet for me and I felt as though if I made another Mum feel not so alone that day then that was a good thing.

Since moving here to no.2 I’ve changed as a mother and a person. The mothering journey got easier as soon as Princess hit the age of one, and well, when Ragamuffin arrived, I kinda kicked arse at the whole Mum thing, because this time around, I listened to my instincts and rolled with the punches.

Like any blog, I filter what I right here at times for a variety of reasons. There have been some crappy days, just life a day in the life of anyone out there, and it’s not that I don’t choose to write about them really, it’s more that I just don’t have the time anymore. I work three days a week as a Primary School teacher, and if anyone knows any real teacher’s out there, they’ll know that work doesn’t ever really stop.

But this week I have the time, and really it ‘aint that pretty. Apart from our beautiful Houseboat holiday, I’ve had a shitty couple of weeks. In isolation, each thing that has happened has been little and when I tell the stories in isolation you’d say “yep, pretty small” …..but sometimes when you pile them all up, the small things become big things, and sometimes even the strongest of us break. And I’ll admit it, I’ve been a tad more emotional and sensitive than normal, which I am sure has played a part. We’ve had sickness come and go, and then stay for a while too. We’ve had chicken pox, vomiting, tantrums, outbursts, tears, demands, sweet moments, and nasty ones too. I guess it’s kinda be a liquorice all sorts type of few weeks.
Life at no2
Things got a bit much yesterday, so I hid, I hid from the kids without telling them we were even playing hide and seek. I ducked out the back door and placed my back as close to the brick wall underneath my clothes line as I could. I shut my eyes, and I breathed, took slow breaths in, and out, and their cries melted away for a measly two minutes before he found me. But all was right with the world again…..well for a bit anyway. And when it wasn’t, super hero Hubby to the rescue! *cue superhero music here* He walked in that front door like a knight in shining armour, and off he went, Ragamuffin in tow on their great steed (push bike that is!).

I woke today to a better day, a much better one, because a good nights sleep will do that to you! And I’ve learnt so many things these last few days, like:

1. next time Princess is sick and I have to take a day off work, it’s probably best to still take Ragamuffin to his Aunt or Nan’s for the day. Best for everyone really.
2. that being able to leave the house really can be the best medicine! You notice it more when you can’t; yeah thanks for that chicken pox!
3. social media apps on your phone can be a sanity saviour! Hubby doesn’t get the whole social media thang AT ALL, but when you have one child laying on you sick, and one child koala baby hugging your arm, and the only thing on TV is ABC for Kids, you better praise the lord for Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin!!
4. you know you’re delirious when you start laughning hysterically at certain ABC for Kids programs.
5. Good friends can make you laugh so hard even via text messages, so hard!
6. I knew Hubby was the most awesome bloke the day I meet him, and I suspected he had superpowers, but fuck I love that man so much, especially when he comes to save me!
7. A good night sleep fixes lots of things.
8. So does a good walk with friends.
9. Screw the house work on those shit days, screw it!
10. Vodka and orange juice with a raspberry drop in your mouth, is all types of yum!


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