Because if last week wasn’t fun enough!!

So last week we had a week! It started with Princess getting the chicken pox, continued with her vomiting everywhere a few days later, and hit a crescendo when both kids ended up with gastro while Hubby was away for the weekend (totally pre-planned, just worked out awesome for him).

But if last week wasn’t awesome enough *insert sarcasm here* Sunday night I was struck down with a sore throat and a temperature above 39 that I just couldn’t break! Cue visit to the Doctors, diagnosis of tonsillitis and subsequent day off work. But then if it was even possible, things got even better! Last night at school pick up, I started itching a mosquito bite on my wrist. Totally weird that I even had a mosquito bite considering I have basically been housebound for well over a week with children. And then instantly I saw it, or them. Spots everywhere on my hand and up my arm.

You wouldn’t fucking believe it would you, chicken pox! Hilarious considering I have already had them when I was a child, hilarious (even more so because Hubby has never had them, despite being one of seven kids who all had them, and if I’m a betting woman – I did win the Cup, then he wont get them this time round either). And the spots just keep coming. I feel like crap to be perfectly honest, apart from the welt like spots, and the crazy itchy burning feeling, I feel run down, like I’ve been hit by a bus. I’m tired, lethargic, and can only manage short bursts of housework and washing (very unfortunate indeed).

I’ve only cried once, to my MIL in the school carpark last night when I showed her the spots and begged her to tell me they weren’t the pox. She shook her head in the nicest way possible, and I cried a little more before I then started to laugh. And I’ve laughed ever since, because you know, if you don’t laugh, you go back to crying! And there are worse soles out there you know.

Luckily I only have to have a week off, which means I thankfully can attend Princess’ Art Show at school, her first one, it’s a big deal you know. And thanks to my MIL and SIL, they are still watching the Ragamuffin for me on my normal work days so I can rest and recuperate. Princess and I are sharing a bed, like we did last week, so hopefully Hubby will be safe in the long run, only time will tell. School Mum’s are pitching in helping walk Phoebe out to the car after school so I don’t have to show them my hideous scales, and my partner at work has stepped in to help too, as has my team (because we’re all awesome like that!).

So off to isolation I go, keep me entertained internet between sleeps and bursts of housework!


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