Backyard memories, make them bloom

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When I was growing up, I spent so much time with my little sister in our backyard. From those times I have so many treasured and fond memories and I’m pretty sure my sister does too (well, maybe except that time I tied her to the hills hoist, you know, because she was annoying me and I could).

Life at no2

Life at no2

We had a cubby house where the kids in the street would come and play schools with us, we take it in turns on the weekends of teaching lessons and setting homework, clearly I was meant to be a teacher from way back then. And then there were the glorious Summers, bouncing and laying on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath. When the nights were warm, Dad used to set up our tent in the backyard and we would have sleepovers in it with our friends. And nothing would beat sitting on the back step sucking on icey-poles, one each for us, and another for our dog Sam.

Life at no2

I used to take my troll dolls outside in the garden and take photos of them with my camera, wow, clearly I have followed that through in to grown up life too, except with little people and not dolls! We would make up our own games too, we would play wheel of fortune with the washing line, spinning it around and waiting to see what imaginary prize it would land on. My sister and I would pretend to ride on horses and compete against each other in dressage competitions, kris-crossing the freshly mowed lawn.

Life at no2

Life at no2

But the best thing about having a backyard apart from all the things stated above, was the ability to explore and use our imaginations. Every day was different out there, it was what we made it, and oh my gosh it made for some great times!

Life at no2

Life at no2

The most awesome thing now is, we get to watch our own kids in our backyard oasis we have created, and we are even lucky enough to watch them play in the one my sister and I did as children! Sometimes Hubby and I show them the things we used to do as kids, like make cubbies within the bushes, create fairy gardens, or make a homemade slip n slide! And of course we create new memories with them, backyard soirees with friends, mud pie stations and small vegetable patches to care for and watch grow. So many memories to plant, and watch grow! Head on over to the BLOOM Facebook page apart from being the hub of the residential community, it has some great resources for entertaining, gardening and activities to do with the kidlets, for those of you who love outdoor living with your family as much as we do!


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