Hello 2015!!

I’m sitting here at the moment in our caravan while the kids sleep, trying to get respite from the forty degree heat outside. As a kid we used to camp rough by the banks of the Murray River; tents, no power, no caravan parks, instead portacot-loos, outdoor showers, tranquility and the best views. So when we bought this van with an air conditioner and heater I was suitably unimpressed. It’s days like these though that I change my mind!! Although it’s not like the aircon at home, it gives enough relief so the kids can have a decent day nap and carry on their day like normal, escaping the sun under gazebos and jumping in and out of the water when need be.


So hello 2015, I’m still a-wondering where 2014 went, as I get older the years seem to slip by faster or something!! But any-who, I’m looking forward to another great year ahead, like most of you I’m sure.

Just like last year, I didn’t set a resolution as such, rather noted down some goals in my head, things that I would like to do, achieve or change.

In 2014 I wanted to send more good mail to friends and family, I started it with setting a goal to send birthday cards to everyone in my diary for the year. I’m proud to say I succeed with this and would definitely like to do the same this year! I wanted to more more and have fun with my family, I bought a bike and haven’t looked back since!

But the biggest change for last year would’ve had to have been saying ‘no’ more often and standing my ground when the time called for it. As an introvert, standing up for myself was a hard thing to do, it was taxing emotionally too, and even though the outcome wasn’t always what I expected, I learnt many great lessons from doing it.

So this year, my goals are set in my head, some I may achieve, some I may not, but I am sure many great times and lessons lay ahead for me once again.


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