Crying over milk

Seriously, holidays are meant to involve sleep-ins and lazy morning right? Wrong, totally flippin’ wrong. Since arriving on our annual camping trip, Ragamuffin has alternated his morning wake times anywhere between 5:30am and 7:30am, but really, that isn’t the issue.

The issue is his morning routine. Normally he wakes well, kisses us and says his good mornings, followed closely by a request for a cup of milk (which is repeated over and over strongly when it isn’t answered immediately). He then sips away while sitting in bed with with or on his couch in the lounge. Since our trip began, his morning has started exactly the same except for when his milk is presented to him…….then all hell breaks loose!

“Me no want it!” He screams and pushes it away. Then, when it is promptly put on the table, screams and wails for milk again. It’s presented once more, handed off to me, I put it down, he screams, I pick it up, he’s fine. I take a sip, he snatches it, holds it, screams and pushes it away again. What the actual fuck!?

We’ve tried presenting it in different cups, god, yesterday morning, I had four different cups all full and lined up ready for the taking, and you guessed it, “me no want it!”. And then, the plot thickens, when after about ten minutes, the kid decides he does in fact actually want the milk he initially begged for, then rejected, and skulls the bloody thing.

It’s times like this I wish their was an instruction manual, a rule book, some way to figure out this little creature of mine. I thought it mig be the cup, I thought maybe he was asking for it because of routine when in fact he doesn’t want a milk at all. Today he woke, asked for his milk and took it with no issues, I give up second guessing him, tomorrow I hope for a good start.


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