Photo Organisation

I was sure I had written a post about this before, but try as I might, I can’t locate it. Which means one of two things, I did write it and didn’t tag it in a way in which it could be found easily OR I dreamt I wrote it. Anyways, I always like to start the year off being organised, especially when it comes to the years worth of photos I will take. And I am sure there are many other ways to organise your photos, but mine way is a simple, sure fire way, that works well for me.


I start off by creating a folder called 2015, simple enough hey? And then I add in the following other folders within that:

~~ 52 Week Project

~~ Iphone Photos (which I also then copy and paste into the correct date folder)

~~ Photobook (at the end of each month I choose all the images that I want to be apart of our yearly family photo book, it saves heaps of time at the end of the year when all the good sales are usually on!).

~~ Monthly folders labelled 01January to 12 December

~~ Within each monthly folder, a subfolder called RAW (which is where I upload my RAW files from my DSLR before I edit them in Lightroom.

At the end of every month I also try to back my files up to an external hard-drive, if you think loosing files wont happen to you, think again, it’s only a matter of time!! These days you can get a terabyte drive from $100 and it will last you a while, so for peace of mind, it’s really worth it.

Now when I have friends and family come to me for certain images, I usually know what month or year to look in. Each folder is like a doorway back into time, just waiting to be opened and rediscovered.

Hope this post helps a little. I’d love to know if you use my method and how you find it or if you organised your images in another way?


One thought on “Photo Organisation

  1. linbritt says:

    I do exactly the same Bel, but i also create a folder within each month for a large group of photos, eg, Melbourne Zoo trip. Everything else thats just random photos go into that month ‘loose’. Makes it so easy to find things, hey?!

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