Hello twenty-fifteen

I saw the new year in with our closest friends in a place that feels like home when we visit. There were laughs, tears, dancing on top of eskies and utes, fireworks, babes snuggled into our arms, and the feeling of hope for a brand new year ahead.

Days later, the tone was set for me and what I hope for twenty-fifteen, a year of fun and letting caution fly to the wind and maybe even a little selfishness thrown in for good measure. Too often I am the level headed one in my family, in my partnership with Hubby and within my group of friends. I wouldn’t say that I’m boring, but I do always stick to the rules and errr on the side of caution. But I learnt one stormy Melbourne night, that saying “to hell with it” can be just what the doctor ordered.

Life at no2 Life at no2

And with that in mind, I waded out into the ocean in my summer dress with a friend, as lightning and thunder thrashed around us. The air was thick and warm, the water cool and inviting. And so we dove in! We laughed and smiled and laughed some more, and afterwards danced in the summer rain. The smile didn’t leave my face for hours and that my friends is a feeling I would love to relive often this year! How are you going to spend yours?


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