The kid and I

There’s something I really miss in being a Mum second time round, and that’s a Mother’s Group. You see, it’s coming up to Ragamuffin’s second birthday (I know! What the hell!!) and I’ve just realised, apart from our close knit group of friends (of which the boys are WAY outnumbered) the little man has no pals of his own to play with.

Life at no2

I loved the support that my Mother’s Group gave both Princess and I as she grew as a person and I as a Mum. I’ve made two lifelong friendships through that group and Princess has too. I want that for Ragamuffin as well. So this year, I have decided to trial a couple of Play Groups and hopefully find a little group that the kid and I can call our own. I know it probably wont mimic the closeness of the group that Princess and I were apart of, but hopefully I can connect with some other Mum’s and Ragamuffin might make a few little friends outside the regular group we have around us.

Any tips or ideas? Have you joined a Play Group where you knew no one?


2 thoughts on “The kid and I

  1. linbritt says:

    I feel the same way for Alex. He has no regular friends of his own. We have mothers group friends~siblings of Megan’s age group, and siblings of her school friends, so I’m hoping he finds some of HIS OWN friends at school this year.

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