Wanting for more

The grass in always greener, there is always something bigger and better out there that we want, isn’t there? Sometimes, I dream about winning lotto, and building the perfect farmhouse on a lot of land in the bush out the back of town. We have chooks, and couple of sheep and cows, but most of all we have beautiful, peaceful surroundings and a big area for the kids to play and explore.

In my dream, I can see the floor plan and what the house will look like from the outside. I have my own study, a large master bedroom with an ensuite and a tub that I can’t even touch the end with my toes. The kids have rooms big enough that if I wanted to, I could decorate them Pinterest style, however their hearts desired. We have open plan living, enough that when our friends do come over, even if it’s just to watch the footy, everyone has somewhere to sit. And the list my friends goes on and on………..


And then I return home from camping for nearly three weeks with my wonderful family, and I realise how little space and things we actually need to make us happy. We leave in that van of ours with minimal cooking facilities, minimal space for stuff and toys that aren’t needed. Our kids make there own fun, whether it be riding bikes, or digging in the dirt and sand. All I need is a book to keep me occupied, my bike to ride and my camera to capture memories and that family of mine.

So, as much as I’d love that house in my dreams, really, happiness comes from simplicity for us, and I’m more than happy with that!


4 thoughts on “Wanting for more

  1. Liz says:

    Completely get it bel. Some days if that that farmhouse too but when came time to pick a house to build, we picked restively small, close knit home with space outside for fresh air and sunshine over a big house that fills a block and seperates everyone.

  2. Maxabella says:

    Such a lovely post, Bel. I think that loving what we have right now, rather than dreaming about what we think we want, is the only way to be truly happy. We really do have everything we need, right here. x

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