Slow down baby

Since we arrived back from our camping trip over Christmas, things have changed. Ragamuffin has changed. Apart from the fact that he talks in five word sentences pretty clearly, still blows my mind. His sister was the same, but it’s not often that siblings are similar in milestones, especially boys compared to girls.

“No Mummy, me no want that”

“Milk please Mummy, Phoebe want one?”

and then there’s all the cute stuff he says like “night Mummy, I love you” and “bless you” every time I sneeze.

When we were away, because our routine was thrown out the window, the littleĀ man often wouldn’t want to go to bed. Instead he was quite happy to lay on a reclined chair outside beside his Dad and the other boys while they watched the cricket. Within minutes he would nod off into a deep sleep, not even flinching when the boys cheered for a wicket. It was either the chair, or he would slide in next to Princess in her sleeping bag and spend the night with her.


Since returning, “Me no wanna cot Mummy” he begs at most day naps and at night time. If he wakes during the night, it is hard work to settle him, unless of course he lays next to Princess in which case he falls straight to sleep. I’m not quite sure he is ready for a bed yet though. I’d love to know how you knew it was time with your kids.

And then there is the nappy issue. Where he refuses to wear one or takes it off all the time. He started asking to go to the toilet too, which I thought was copying his big sister. Of course I was shocked when the first time he actually did go and then followed it up another eight times that day. With this, I’m kinda just going with the flow, if he asks to go to the toilet I am taking him.

Maybe it’s just me wanting him to stay a baby for tad longer, or maybe he just is ready to move into a bed and start toilet training. Whatever it is, it has taken me by sheer and utter surprise, but, you go boy!


4 thoughts on “Slow down baby

  1. Patrickc says:

    Let him guide you. Its better he sleeps where he is comfortable. If he is anxious about the cot then yes get him a bed. Trust your instincts and his behaviour. With the bed just short sheet it about half way down the mattress so if he tosses and turns he wont get tangled up under the blankets and get frightened. He wont realise that its short sheeted. The desire to be close to his siblings is a special one. Encourage it. He feels their love and takes comfort from their closeness and at night their physical proximity. He wants to be fully engaged the cricket sleeping time shows that.

    There are no real rules just follow your heart and he will feel the love and respond.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Thanks so much for all the wise words! Ragamuffin has settled back into his normal routine and is quite happy to stay in his cot. On the weekends he sometimes wants to sleep next to his big sister in her big bed, and we allow that. We’ll just keep going with the flow x

    • lifeatno2 says:

      That’s my worry too Linda, Princess took to the bed so easily, I wonder about Ragamuffin. He has settled back into his routine, so we will run with the cot for a bit longer.

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